October 29, 2009

Thesis Social Jam Sessions #14

It's all about giving homage to the DJ’s. 14 Months. In the House seems to be bringing a whole more decennial landmarks, once of which happens to be our much lauded collection of Dope Flayers, with Nu- breed Jazz podcast released just last month, to celebrate this quite extraordinary boutique music series.

Yes they take pride in the music that they play, some would even have highly paid, trendy, scene attending, music consultants to carefully select the tracks that their beloved customers are treated to. It's an important part of networking experience and ambience to get the music just right, so can a CD from a boutique music series. Create this vibe and be a palatable experience too?

Unsurprisingly - There's only one event on everyone's lips and hips this weekend Thesis Social jam Session. This month sees two extra special TSJS giving homage to DJ’s event. Firstly, remember their newly found breed Ricardo! Returns home to Jam sessions for the first time in more than 10 months.

Ricardo! Dub /Dance hall Groove Foundation return 'That Feeling' to the dance floors for 2009. He reworks those recognizable Dance hall drums adding a slick vocal for good measure, alongside accapellas. Look out for part 2 with mixes from Bennie Man and Sizzler on the Beat means this is hot

Omi- a magical mystery tour guider, driving us through different venues every time his on the decks, going thru worlds most creative, innovative and credible labels significant to people.

37mph-This South African born producer has been given credit by international heavy weights from Shady Records Senior a&R – Riggs Morales and music legend Wyclef Jean. Music connoisseurs will savor different sounds namely classical, lounge, acid jazz, drum & bass, jungle and hip-hop soul. This masterpiece will be accompanied with a live band and an 8 string section.

Words do no justice to truly describing the beauty and art in the music 37mph makes, one simply has to lay back and just experience it....

Wireless_G is one of those very rare DJ's that competently straddles the treacherous ground between Souls to breaks. A guy influenced as much by Jazz and Afro Beats as he is with Deep House. This Soweto born DJ’s has built up a reputation as being a leader in the contemporary down tempo sound and many following faithfully….. Twittering

A line-up that defies belief . Strictly Rhythm favorites...


For those who are into exclusive shoe collection and sneakerholics. Who have been looking for something fresh in the buyers market. Then search no further because something hip, funky and freshly mind-blowing has hit the Jozi ground.Feiyue sneakers have finally landed in Soweto.

Pronounced Fei-ue; in Chinese. Feiyue sneakers originate in Shanghai in the 1920s, then crossed continent to Europe in 2006. Now crossing continents to Africa for the first time and arriving in Johannesburg Soweto in 2009. By bringing the shoe across continents, came the opportunity to bring diversity and something new into the community and grow the sneaker culture in the country.

Launched on the 18th October 2009 to create brand awareness and help establish the sneaker, the Thesis social jam session team was hard at work to create the ultimate Asian theme party ever hosted in Soweto. The theme “from shanghai to Soweto” which takes the concept of putting the sneaker into travel became the motive of the party (Refer to pictures on flickr): http://www.flickr.com/photos/thesissocialjamsessions/. A photo shoot using the BRT system that’s being introduced in the city, we used the same concept to introduce something new to our people.

The venue was converted into a mini Shanghai with the use of paper jets, Chinese paper balls and shanghai landscape photos to create the image of shanghai in Soweto. The Djs Ben, Omi, playkstat and the Wireless G serenaded the crowd with music varying from nu-jazz, futuristic soul, break beats, tribal and neo soul

Both the (brands TSJS and Feiyue) are inspired by urban art, music and travel. It became no surprise that the sneaker settled well in this part of the African continent, it was well received by the audience who attended the launch.

So if you are a sneakerholic and are looking for the next best collection, don’t hesitate to bring Feiyue to your home.