October 28, 2010

Consumers choice

This post is related to the question/topic that was put on our facebook fan page and linked to our twitter account. " Lets put each other up on some music. What are you playing/loving/listening to?" As Thesis we feel a need to have a constant dialogue with out consumers as to know what are they listening to, wearing, thinking...

This keeps us close to them and builds the bounds that we want to have in order to sustain the relationship.

Katleho Katt Kuaho is currently listening to Ezel feat Flexie Muiso - Pieces of Me (Original Mix)

Sandile Mavuso is Listening to Blue six- Noesis

Tsholofelo Raboshaga is listening to Amel Lovely Standards

Levi King Levi is listening to Bill Withers- Live at the Carnegie Hall

LeboSekere is listening to The Arrows- Lovesick

October 27, 2010

The PJs* Throwback TV

Unless you didn't have a TV, we know that you loved these!

Opabisi Oluwaseun with Innocent Mukheli

Opabisi Oluwaseun is a 19 year old self-trained illsutrator and graphic designer. On these pieces the young creative has worked with the photographs of South African art director, Innocent Mukheli. This piece is entitled Culture Clash.

View more of Opabisi's work here

You are Thesis...

Something is brewing in the camp...

Kanye West - Runaway

This is a perfect case of art forms coming together. Kanye West has done it again with the Runaway film in which he produced and directed. The fashion, music and film direction are something to die for. Big up to Mr West for the inspiration and highlight that TSJS is just more than an event. This is our future vision.

October 26, 2010

TSJS opening 206

Blunted Stuntman and Kid Fonque, legends of the 206 breaks scene are bringing back Tuesday nights at the Bassline in Newtown. Besides treating you to all manner of bass music your two hosts have invited a few legends of their own to share the decks. Enjoy.

October 14, 2010

Bois Noir- Mahala Congo Project

Bois Noir is a unique Mahala project that aims to shine a light on the dark heart of Africa.

JR, Montle and McGee are three broke Jozi-based creatives with big dreams and empty wallets. Driven to despair photographing, reporting and participating in South Africa’s street culture scene they hatch a simple plan. Leveraging off JR’s family connections to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s ruling elite, the self-described Good Time Mafia of South African youth culture plan to make some hard cash by establishing a photographic studio and media shop in Kinshasa. Lord help them.

Bois Noir (Black Wood) is a unique creative multi media project presented by Mahala, that aims to document the lives and experiences of three of South Africa’s freshest talents, as they struggle to establish themselves, and their business, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In so doing, they will act as the crowbar that lifts the lid and exposes the culture, politics, society and creative industries of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through photographs, video clips, interviews and the written word, published online with weekly video blogs, in print and in film, the Bois Noir crew will allow audiences to track their daily exploits: triumphs and failures and journey with them as they try to make art, and their fortunes.

Imagine Creme Cartel meets Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness at a Bush Meat barbecue Big Space is behind the decks, JR is amping the vibe and McGee is shooting the pics and drinking the tequila out the bottle. It’s a story that cuts to the heart of the crisis of being young, creative and broke – set in a truly African paradigm and providing insight into the cultural workings of Africa’s sleeping giant.

Read up more here


New South Africa?

Gille Peterson presents World Wide- A celebration of his syndicated radio show

Two-disc set spans the show’s ten year existence and features music from Nitin Sawhney, Cinematic Orchestra feat Roots Manuva, Qtip, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Herbert, Jay Dee, Dwele, Amy Winehouse, Dizzy Rascal, M.I.A., Sebastien Tellier, Benga, Darkstar and much more.

Ten years in the making, this compilation is a tribute to a truly groundbreaking show, music and a serious music personality who is ahead of the curve and debuts awesome records on his show before anyone else. Gilles Peterson is a truly revered international club and radio DJ and one of music’s foremost tastemakers (possibly the most well known in the whole world) in a world dominated by style over substance.

Inner sleeve

Win the Feiyue X Andre Collabo sneakers

Up for grabs is one of our very special ANDRE Collabs we posted about before this. They’re retailing at R840 and there’s only 12 available in S.A.

So how to Enter:

  1. Follow this link: http://www.astoreisgood.com/i/competition/andre_x_feiyue
  2. Like the astoreisgood fan page along with the Feiyue fan page (how neat are those 2 buttons?)
  3. Enter your name, e-mail address and footwear size into the appropriate e boxes and BOOM!

Feiyue X ANDRE Collabo

Since day one, the FEIYUE team has made a habit of giving artists free rein to their creativity. The FEIYUE sneaker becomes a new canvas for expression, a source of inspiration that has given the world unique artistic creations.

FEIYUE!s ambition to create connections between fashion and art, evident in its collections and
marketing campaigns, immediately attracted ANDRÉ.

ANDRÉ has been pasting the walls of the world!s biggest cities since the age of 13. Having risen to international fame with his leggy eponymous character, “Monsieur A” and his “Love Graffiti”, ANDRÉ is recognized on the street art scene by his ubiquitous use of the color pink.

ANDRÉ is also known for giving graffiti a new meaning by introducing
his images in the clubs and night-spots of cities like Paris, New York and Tokyo. Today, ANDRÉ is the Artistic Director and owner of some of the hottest nightclubs and restaurants in the
world and a major influence on the international nightlife scene.

For this exceptional collaboration, FEIYUE and ANDRÉ have limited distribution of 350 pairs to the most premier establishments across the world with a maximum of 24 pairs in 1 exclusive retailer per country.
Launching in October 2010 at COLETTE in Paris, the artistic collaborationbetween FEIYUE and ANDRÉ will be on the brands first model, the Fe-Lo. The creation is a humble sneaker in white
canvas featuring the famous “Mr. A” and matching laces.

But ANDRÉ wanted to go further. Taking full advantage of the medium offered by FEIYUE, he returns to his first love, drawing and illustration, as he did in the DRAWINGS exhibition at COLETTE in February 2010. The artist uses the psychedelic imagery of the 60s and 70s, combined with his memories of the comics he used to read when he was little to illustrate the shoe-box and the sole of each FEIYUE x ANDRÉ model with his vision of Paris. The result
was a simple yet compelling super-saturated vision of the French capital in movement, just like the Paris in FEIYUE!s most recent marketing campaign, “Circles.”

October 8, 2010

Big Up to our boy Wireless_G for being part of the awesome Nike: More Than Air campaign.

The Wireless_G

Air Max 1 tooo nice...!

Caster Leading the way...

Caster leading the way with the Wireless_G around the corner...!

Here is a low down about the Wireless_G: At just the tender age of 23, Galebowe Mahlatsi commonly known as wireless_g in the streets of Soweto is a worldwide underground type of person. By this we mean that he has traveled the world and shared the stage with the likes of Lefto, Benji B and Exile. Having started his DJ career in 2003 under the alias of Gee, wireless was mainly a house music dj with his sound grounded on soul and jazz as these were and still are his two most loved music genres. During his house music times, wireless was resident of Primi Bazala at Maponya Mall and played alongside DJ China, Claude, Bobo, Bilal, and Nana.

With the start of the Thesis Social Jam Sessions in 2008, The wireless sound gained momentum and diversity from soul, hip hop to Afro beat to Broken beat. This sound called free style and canned by Gilles Peterson, has seen him share the stage with prominent local Dj's Kid Fonque and Kenzhero in his native hood of Soweto.

Wireless_g has opened the stage for Blu and Exile, Ben Westbeech, Babu (The Band). His sound is still grounded on his first love of Soul and Jazz and includes the futuristic sounds of Dirty Paraffin and The Layders combined with Flying Lotus. This young lad is something to behold in the future of South African music landscape through his selection and cu-ration of tracks.

Now it's Nike this boy is destined for big things I tell you. Keep watching the space and his blog: http://universeroom.wordpress.com/

I have to say this Nike campaign is fresh and Nike like...! http://www.galleryon4th.co.za/2010/10/08/more-than-air-going-up/

October 6, 2010

DJ Premier Two Cities Tour


O.S.T Block Party
Feat DJKenzhero & Vigi
08 October 2010

Cape Town

The Assembly
Feat Ill Skills - DJ Azul - DJKenzhero
Sat 09 October 2010

Yes DJ Premier is playing in JoHo and CPT...!