February 9, 2011

The Offside rules...


Layder TV

Layders TV is a revolutionary reality television show that follows the day to day encounters of the extraordinary members that make up this musical collective. This show is designed to keep the members of the Layder Sub Culture in touch with brand and to also engage other members who have not been touched by this amazing Sub Culture
This show is meant to bring The Layders closer to their audience as well as bring the audience closer to them thought capturing live acts,collaborations,studio hardships,etc.Thus this show acts as the most direct portal into the life of a Layder.

February 8, 2011

NERD Ticket give away

Proudly Presents...

So we have two double tickets to give away to one of the best bands in the USA, all brought to you by Hansa Pilsner. N.E.R.D will be performing live this Saturday 12th February 2011 at the Standard Bank Arena, Johannesburg.

In the spirit of brand loyalty, honesty and fun, the competition will run as follows.

  • You will be requested to buy a seal 6 pack of Hansa Pilnser (Brand loyalty)
  • Come to Thesis Concept Store and drink four of the 6 beers in a relaxed mood. (Honesty)
  • The 1st and 2nd person to finish their beers will receive the tickets. (Fun)
This will be posted on the blog.

Alternatively, you can do the same and do a video, post it on youtube under the name, "Thesis I want tickets" of you doing something crazy with Hansa Pilsner.

Competition and opens Friday 18h00 and closes at night 22h00. Thesis Concept will be open at that time, just for you.

February 7, 2011

Cuss Monthly

Cuss is a new monthly, offering designer vintage clothing, trends, photography, girls, art and style. To get yourself a copy download the lookbook.

February 1, 2011

Little Dragon

Great Picture of Little Dragon. taken from the Madbury Club.


Matt Black Nail Polish

Ben Westbeech "Slowly" Acoustic Version feat Eddie Kid

The new single from Ben Westbeech...


Oy_Laundry_Montreux Jazz Festival 2010 from PATLALA VIDEO on Vimeo.


Iasked my friends to mail me some childhood memories. i received many funny and beautiful, poetic and absurd stories: a girl who would box around the corner before walking because it might be dangerous to walk and bump into some dangerous being. a boy who believed the actual idea of clouds passing by was to provide us with a beautiful image. the danger of the toilet witch who would grab you and pull you down into the toilet if you sat on it too long after flushing. and many more.. so there i go with some playful little songs. (as it appears on here myspace page)

Oy uses a mixture of sounds and squeaks, frog ribbits and human voices. Her style is a mixture of soul, hip hop, spoken word, improv, electronic, jazz, classical and rock. (...) This album would need thousands of listens before one could hear every nuance, but it’s definitely worth your time!'

QB Smith (Warm Days) (UK)

In barely a few short months DJ / producer / song writer QB Smith has clocked up work with the likes of Atjazz, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Jose Carretas, Monique Bingham, Simbad and Brian Temba.

How does someone manage to work with so many great people so quickly? Truth is that QB has been doing this for a while, with the likes of Spinna, Karizma, and Louie Vega declaring themselves past fans - it's just the name that's new. A gift from South African friends, QB stands for Qhawe la Bantu. For QB, it's a baptism in his home away from home.

The new single 'Selfish Skies' features a stunning remix from Atjazz and has already been snapped up by Vinny Da Vinci and the House Afrika label
But while it's the house mixes that you're most likely to hear this month in the clubs, Warm Days, is actually QB's soul, jazz, hip hop and broken beat collaborations project, bringing in some of the best musicians, singers and MCs from the world underground.

With those interests, it's not surprising that beyond his DJ sets in the house world, at more eclectic affairs like Thesis Social Jam, South Africans can expect to hear the full range of diverse and downtempo stuff that influences QB's Warm Days project, including a whole heap of music you will not hear anywhere else.