July 29, 2010

THESIS Retro tops & I Love Soweto hoodies @ Thesis Concept Store

Hi there winter babies! Braving the chill is the “in” thing this winter, so I hope you buckled up well for the season storms; hitting the southern hemisphere like crazy! If not here’s a couple of what we call: the Retro tops The I love Soweto hoodies from THESIS @ the THESIS Concept Store. The tops came in black with red trimmings & there were red tops with black trimmings. The hoodies in beige & navy with red trimmings.

Then an inspiration of hosting the most massive tournament on the planet; bit us & we decided to honour our flag with the last edition of the tops. While we everyone 100% behind bafana bafana: the boys hopes were dashed after just two innings! We at the concept of instilling hope back into the people & reminding them that we are still South Africans. These ones were done in the spirit of Pride & honour! In black; laced in red; blue; green & yellow trimmings. Green in red; yellow,green & black trimmings...

THESIS Concept Store
Mashaba Drive
173 Mofolo village, Soweto

July 28, 2010

TSJS Two Years Anniversary Session...!

Hip Hip Hoooray! Thesis Social Jam Session is turning two years. Yes it’s only been two years it feels like we’ve been jamming a life time. From the early days when we jammed inside Thesis Concept Store, to yesterday when we jammed outside and braving the winter blues, to today when we are lounging in couches with heaters and stretch marquees with the “never compromising” good music. It’s been a great journey.

Happening every first Sunday of the month, at Mofolo Village in Soweto with music as the foundation, The DJ booth has been endowed by big guns and prominent contests from DJ Oil(France), Kid Fonque, The Wedding DJs, DJ Mdoo, Nathi Quwe, Music At Last, Paledi; The Layders; PO(US) and now Khenzero. Live performances; breed intensity between the crowd and performers. The best performances by Motlatsi; Future History; The Name Is Taken; Dirty Paraffin; Babu; P2DHI(US); Reebirth; Mnandi Blues & the list goes on and on and on...

TSJS is setting the world on fire on The 1st of August, to celebrate its second birthday. DJ Khenzero will be our guest, also on the guest list is DJ Nana; Deep Soweto will be in the space; very large regular; feeding you home-grown kasi hip hop. Nature will be coming back to make us glad to be here: listening to the music. For the second time; on our 2nd birthday. Our resident DJ’s keeping the residential suite sweet as they welcome you and our guest performers to arrive. Springer; Omi and Wireless G deserve their own sentence of sweet melodies.

Omi has been with us from the beginning, since 3 August 2008. Known to the TSJS crew as historian DJ. He plays a sound with soul & the knowledge of its history. What ever you want to know about what he’s playing: he’ll tell you; just listen to his mix and his biggest influence is Giles Peterson (another great historian). Wireless G has been a great part of the residence. His play is fresh and futuristic. I’m not even saying playing futuristic stuff; but he illustrates a new point of about the DJing concept; conceptual and a hard core brand manager. Springer on the other hand has been a playing friend for a while now since the jams started. Took several months to get ready to join our ship of reverberates. His new, fresh and a break beat or two.

Liquid Gamz will be gaming on them PS3 consoles for your entertainment. Nyambose’s kitchen; next door; will food us till we close; we know how hungry the sounds of TSJS can make us.
I can’t wait to see you there...:)

July 9, 2010

Mpho Skeef


Prolific jammers & members
back in the days it was all Goapele and Now I present to you:

Mpho Skeef: (her name meaning gift in South Sotho ) was born of a mixed couple in South Africa at the height of the struggle against apartheid. She then spent her first birthday in jail when her mother was arrested. Her biological father is none other than renowned South African musician Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse. Mpho or should I say "Mphoza" grew up listening to a wide variety of artists from Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, and John Coltrane, to Parliament, Prince and Fela Kuti. Alongside this premier list her parents encouraged her love of World Music (modern electronica and pop music, a staple diet including hip hop and R&B artists from KRS1 to NWA, Chaka Khan to Mary J as well as Rock) and Electronica from Daft Punk to Kate Bush.

In the 80's, her mother and stepfather (percussionist Eugene Skeef) fled to South of London; Brixton where Mpho still lives. After leaving secondary school she joined the newly opened Brits Academy. Fellow students during the two-year period included the late Lynden David Hall, and Floetry. She has appeared alongside artists such as Ty, The great: Eska, Terri Walker as well as mainstream artists like Ms Dynamite and Natasha Beddingfield. Most recently she provided the lead vocals for the Bugz In The Attic smash “Booty La La”, (voted record of the year 2004 by listeners of Giles Petersons World Wide show ) She is also featured on the ColdCut album “Sound Mirrors”. In 2005 she released the “Don't Like You” EP to critical acclaim, and this year she follows up with her debut.

sky is no limit for this wonderful song bird.