October 17, 2012

Walking the plank with Mina Nawe


Thesis X Mina Nawe X Maria Mcloy
When Mina Nawe joined the Thesis creative family: it was never anticipated for what was coming in SA street culture! Computa; head designer & creator of Mina Nawe(me & you) was part of the rebranding to Thesis Lifestyle earlier this year. Revamped the store & made it look like something that just came out of a Wallpaper magazine. Minimal & has a fresh outlook on the use of ply wood. Still keeping the raw, street element of Thesis Lifestyle. He is a lover of wood & hardwork. He's a very inspiring individual. street cultured & very motivated.

October 16, 2012

THESIS is african street culture

The perfect jet pocket detail is consistent in the spring/summer 2012-13

Modern Africa shorts: R300

Hello Africa: tell me how you doing!

Paying attention to detail

FABRIC: mixbreed twaill FORM: Lifestyle Chinos FUNCTION: Water repelent PRICE: R550.00


October 15, 2012

The dungaree

Dungarees have been around since 1792. They were mostly used as protective clothing for slaves, farmers, railroad engineers & mechanics. Made to mark a low status of their wearer, because it was normally associated with rural people. Note that the operative word here is "was": simply, because now its seen as a very cool fashion item & to us(THESIS)says a lot about hardwork, perseverance & never giving up in what you believe in. Wandile has couple of them: which says a lot about him. Work day & night to be the best you can be. We love it; it represents who we are & what we stand for. don't just sit & do nothing! WORK!!!!!!

October 11, 2012

Create + organisation= impact

Inspiration has gone to the next level. The lifestyle space is filled with so much of it. You'll feel it when you pay a visit: its the most amazing thing you'll experience in your whole life. Love & respect. Have a bigger picture, work hard tirelessly, motivate & believe in your own ideas