January 30, 2012

TSJS Feb edition 2012

How’s everyone doin’? The jam is back in its rightful place: the 1st Sunday of the month; at the Concept Store. All is well at the THESIS camp; still pushing boundaries & pioneering new social trends. As usual.

As we said before: this year, we aim to unleash the real jammer in all o’ y’all.

This is how it goes; we count down the days till the 5th - connect the sound, prepare the food, price the gear, we check ourselves, you check yourselves and [let’s] get this party started yo!!!

So make yourself available; at all costs. And I can bet you; the Jam is always worth any costs you accumulate.

The game has given you more lives to enjoy your time with us; now press enter and step into the THESIS Lifestyle Space!

Our next Disc Jockey line-up is the best in the game of our kind of music.
We have Trevor the Japanese (Vintage Lounge), PlayKayStat (Ginger Bred), and Sims & Themba (MusicAtLast). These guys are solid and if you know your music; you’ll definitely agree with us. And while they’re spinning the hits; you’ll be chilling on them great couches or showing off your new dance moves – sippin’ on a cold one. Can I get a “HELL YEAH”?!

We also have the Feds - Federation to the unknowing - the ultimate rap duo! Warning: keep your bad ish at home and only bring a good ear to lend. They have been doing their thing for a while now & they a have strong lyrical background. We have hopped quite several times to their hip joints here at the jam; so they back again with new material to offer!

Food and clothes will be sold, music will be played, new people will be met & dope tracks will be rapped.

The Jam Feb line up

• Trevor the Japanese
• Sims
• Themba
• Stat
• The Feds

TSJS 2012 BABY!!!!

January 19, 2012

5 Roses



The 5 roses bowl in Mofolo Soweto. One of biggest landmarks of Soweto. From the longest time: it has been the stage of many acclaimed brands & artists in SA. From our parents seeing the old jazz clubs, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, Ray Phiri to us seeing Femi Kuti, Simphiwe Dana, Thandiswa Mazwai, Black Jacks & the list goes on! It was burned down last night & nobody is clueless why & who did such a thing. Many claim a score was settled or somebody was in trouble. Whatever the case was: It was a really cool spot & an injustice was thrown upon the citizens of Soweto. Young & old: it was part of our heritage in the hood! Hopefully, whoever will be given the project to rebuild it must make it as iconic to our kids as it was to our parents & us!!!!

Love & respect!

January 6, 2012

TSJS 2012

We are bringing it on the table again! Its a fresh one for the year. Bring the noise & your friends for the freshest sounds Soweto has ever put out. Ladies & gentlemen; i present: TSJS 2012... Hello!!!!