August 31, 2011

Adidas history

The company was founded by Adolf (Adi) Dassler, who started making shoes in the 1920s with the help of his brother Rudolf Dassler who later put the basis for the rival shoe company Puma. Adi Dassler's aim was to provide every athlete with the best sport equipment and based his work on designing the best sport shoes, protecting the athlete from injury, and making the product durable.

For many years, the only symbol associated with Adidas was the trefoil (flower) logo design. The leaves stand for the Olympic spirit, with links to the three continental plates. In 1972, the trefoil was set as the official corporate logo design.

Thesis Social Jam Session

We are coming in bigger, better and fresher, with a new set up and bigger sound. TSJS is going to give the spring/summer something fresh to the urban youth of JHB in large. This line up is sure to give people the growing sound of one of South Africa’s premium artists beyond the television screen. Motlatsi and the Dark knights make a gracious welcome back to grace the stage of TSJS.

Trevor the Japanese is kicking off the day with some laid back downtempo sounds that will keep the masses chilled to the sunset vibe that he will be bringing. Soulostarr swings onto the tables on that glitch-hop, breaks and soul vibe that he is introducing to the people of JHB and Soweto in large. Playkaystat is the prodigal son of the session and he will be bringing something soulful.

Live Act

Motlatsi and the Dark Knights

DJ Line up

Trevor the Japanese




Date: 04 September 2011

Price: R30

Venue: Thesis Concept Store, Mofolo Village Soweto

Adidas Bus (Adibus) is coming to the next Thesis Social Jam Session

Adidas Originals

An extensive campaign was launched in 2008 to promote the label. "Adidas Originals invites today’s lifestyle consumers to Celebrate Originality through an exceptional brand campaign and a variety of product themes inspired by the rich sporting heritage of Adidas and the global reach of the Trefoil.

Nicknamed the Adibus, it features the classic blue and white logo and three stripes and is kitted out with an on-board photo booth, sound and screens. The bus showcases Adidas Originals exclusive ranges, while the latest collections are presented on-screen: the Denim, Blue and ST ranges, and Jeremy Scott’s and David Beckham’s collections.

August 25, 2011

They baaaack!!!!

if there's one thing you'll see in the streets: is these hats! they've done for the passed 3 years & in over 50 colours. In a more fashionable term they called bucket hats! Here in the hood they called spoties! worn by hustlers & thugs, in the golden days. since then the days have gotten even brighter & now when you want to look cool, get yourself 1! dankie bade!

NB: someone hala at spkiri to hook himself up with one or two or three! ;-)

slick embroidery

did i tell you they reversable! 2 hats for the price of 1

even little man is in on the whole thing!

They go for R80, qha!

August 21, 2011

Soweto travel guide for dummies

Just in case you are contemplating how to work your hand signs on the streets; to come through to the Store to get the best out of Concept of clothing & lifestyle. Or the 1st Sunday of the month; to dance & sing along to angels of melodies. Might sound magical; it probably has been for a lot of people who have been to the promised!

Hand signs are & have been a way of communication amongst human & animals at large! If that person can’t hear you: throw a hand sign.... no matter the situation! A gesture or feelings can be expressed by using, just hand signs to show what we mean! So you can use your hands to travel from point A to B or Z (maybe if you really lucky). In other countries; they have just 1 sign to prove their street cred! Well, here we got lots of signs to get just about everywhere in the country & I think it was very creative of us to actually come up with such cool hand signs; fit for kings & queens of the streets!

so if you've never been here, this'll probably be what you'll be travelling in & couple of ways how to get you to us from different parts around the Soweto & Joburg city:


Squantaquanta aka Quantum. wich you will most likely to get on the streets of Jozi or kasi!

this means you going to Soweto from Joburg or you going to Joburg from Soweto! same sign morning & night. Mofolo; Dube, Diepkloof, Phiri, Mapetla, Zola, Emdeni!

this one will take you around Joburg & to another taxi rank there; where there's other taxis to more places you can ever imagine! if you in Soweto it will take you to Chris Hani Hospital(the biggest hospital in the southern hemisphere)& to its biggest taxi rank in the world!

this is local! it does not mean you are a local, but you're local: in & around Joburg City! in & around Soweto!

model: the finger of itjo!!!!

Soweto Sunday

get your hair did!

round up with the lord G.O.D

singing for the love

never mess with Sowetans on a Sunday! if you have a friend there, chances are they up in arms praising till the sun goes down!

August 17, 2011

Thesis Social Jams Alumni by Liam Lynch

So the white guy that always wears black clothes and shoots at the session did this shot way back in February. These look so cool and the content is controlled by the good people at Redbull who also sponsor the session.

August 1, 2011

Birthday Session

Thesis Social Jam Session, the event that has primed its self on bringing good quality entertainment at an affordable price is turning 3 years old. Working on the premise of giving the people something that can only be spread through being shared and experienced, TSJS as it has become to be known, has become some what of an institute to the people that have came to enjoy it. This birthday session is set to give the people the musical experience of the past year and share quality moments with the integration of a photographic exhibition by Mpumelelo Macu.

The musical exploits of Tumi and The Volume and Siya Shezi will be shared on the TSJS stage, while dj's Okapi, Soulostarr, kid fonque and Wireless G will be holding down the decks to further give justice to this big session. Many sounds will be traveled on this particular Sunday.

Live Acts
Siya Shezi with a band
Tumi and The Volume

DJ's Line up
Kid Fonque
Wireless G

Venue: Thesis Concept Store

Price: R30