September 30, 2011

my adidas kicks

what i like about my Ransoms is that attention to detail, check out the inner sole!


The Spring/Summer 2011 collection of Ransom by adidas marks the full evolution of our philosophy and concept; a product designed to enhance a rugged lifestyle with an aesthetic that withstands the test of time. Our fourth offering features a number of distinct changes to our silhouettes, with various colourways and materials added and modified to better suit the warm weather. Light spring colours look best under the sun, while weathered canvas and cottons provide a welcomed airiness to each step. Waterproof suede, neoprene and rugged cordura are also available for mischievous journeys and off-road excursions.

source: Ransom Holding Co

Adidas versus Puma: Origins of a rivalry between brothers

At the opening whistle of a 1970 World Cup finals match, Pelé stopped the referee with a last-second request to tie his shoelaces and then knelt down to give millions of television viewers a close-up of his Pumas.
Pelé was complying with a request by Puma's representative, Hans Henningsen, to raise the company's profile after receiving $120,000 to wear the shoes.
This clandestine advertising was a huge triumph for Puma over Adidas in the early days of the battle for market supremacy in sports merchandise.

Barbara Smit, a Dutch author and journalist, spent five years poring over the archives at Adidas's and Puma's headquarters in the Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach to research Rudolf and Adolf Dassler, the brothers who started making sports shoes in their mother's laundry room in the 1920s before becoming sport and business giants.

Her new book, "Drei Streifen gegen Puma," or "Three Stripes Versus Puma," tracks the rise of the Dassler brothers during Germany's sport-obsessed 1920s, their cooperation with the Nazis, their ugly postwar split and their hatred-driven competition that created separate empires.

This clandestine advertising was a huge triumph for Puma over Adidas in the early days of the battle for market supremacy in sports merchandise.

"As embittered rivals, the estranged brothers led their respective companies to the top of the world," Smit wrote. "Muhammad Ali, Franz Beckenbauer and Zinédine Zidane became legends in the three stripes of Adidas while soccer god Pelé and Boris Becker achieved global fame in Pumas."

The book chronicles the decline of Adidas (founded by Adolf "Adi" Dassler) and Puma (founded by Rudolf Dassler) as they were caught off guard by Nike and the failure to spot new trends like the boom in running.Adidas and Puma have recovered from their brushes with disaster as publicly owned companies in the vibrant $17 billion worldwide sports shoe industry, but only after long and messy separations from their family owners.

"I was fascinated by the mixture of this incredible family rift, the business feud and the sporting triumphs, which forged two mighty brands recognized all over the world," Smit said of her book, which draws on U.S. intelligence documents and more than 200 interviews conducted around the world.

Although most of the two companies' production moved to low-cost countries long ago, handmade shoes for some big names, like David Beckham, are still produced in Germany.

September 29, 2011

Junk To Thesis Social Picnic

As you know Sunday 02 October 2011 will be the first ever Thesis Social Jam Session picnic. We are teaming up with JunkOnMe, a brand best known as one of the pioneers of house music in Soweto. Pre-sold tickets are available at Thesis Concept Store for R40. But if you decide to buy tickets at the gate they are going for R50. For more details and to confirm your attendance RSVP on the event

There will be a StakeHouse101 Pop Up Butchery! they are a cool innovative butchery and shisanyama that serves fresh quality meat. You have probably enjoyed the juicy and tender meat at the past Thesis Social Jam and JunkOnMe events. You and your buddies can pre-order meat for a braai at 0793646431. Pre-orders are available from R100 upwards, and for individuals, hampers will be sold on the day ranging from R30.00.

We'll be sitting under the shade sipping a glasses of lemonade and listening to the soothing sounds of Malehloka and Vikter Duplaix. To compliment the ambience we'll be selling throws to chill on. Think about it, camp chairs are too much admin, they get lost and throws? ... Throws are best because you buy one for only R20.00 and you get to keep it for yourself, you can take it with you to your next picnic!!!
China's Deep Inside CD will be on sale. And guess what's coming to grace us again... the Adibus will be there popping peanuts in the air, so come take pics on their cool photo booth, you can tag yourself in their their Facebook albums and stand a chance to win great prices!!

Don't fret, the ThesisPopUpStore will also be in the heeza, for all you spotty fans, we will have new stock on the day for sale. Magazines, StrussBob caps, Paez and Thesis t-shirts will be on sale!

This will be a picnic to remember, tell all your friends to come through.
Follow @thesissocialjam and @Junkonme_events on twitter and
like the pages Thesis Social Jam Sessions and Junkonme family on Facebook to win awesome prizes!
Lest get trending on twitter hash tag #JunkToThesis
Alcohol and food will not be allowed inside the venue.

September 27, 2011

Edson & Masta Lee From Patta...!

Masta Lee Checking Out some gear...

Masta Lee and WirelessG

Buli & Edson...

Edson and Masta Lee dropped by Thesis Concept Store for a visit. I have to say these cats are an inspiration. Legends in our world...While you at it check out their world: Patta...

THESIS birthday tea party

THESIS was born on the 27 August 2005. It was born in the concrete streets( yes, they were not dusty) of Soweto. In almost the center of this magical place of Soweto, surrounded Phiri, Mapetla, Zola, Emdeni, Dube, White City & Dobsinville! We fell in love with it; got together & spread the love!

Instead of having another big ass party: we had a tea party & we shot it! Just a little something to remind us how we were when we young! The story is Alices in Sowetoland! It’s a love story & the rest is history.

It’s a mixture of our new spring/summer collection titled SWAT- Special Wear & Arts Team & other items in the THESIS apparel! It’s an appreciation of the artisans in our broad industry. A musician with a mic, a poet with words, graffiti artist with a spray can & an illustrator with pictures! Like the real SWAT (Special Weaponry & Arms Tactics): they have their own special weapons to combat creative situations!

And don’t we just love them!

September 26, 2011

STR.CRD 2011

The Adidas Invasion At STR.CRD

Andile Cele & WirelessG

Puma Stand

Wandile, Edson (Patta) & WirelessG

Cognito & Paul...


The King Of The Street MJ 23

Adidas Pop Up...

Uno & LeeAnn

Edson & WirelessG on some street talk...

Adidas Jeremy Scotts

Continuation of the Adidas invasion...

Bhubesi those shades....

The Dlova sisters...

SK, Lufuno, KG, Buli

I have to say these are the king of the streets MJ 23

The Kicks...