July 28, 2012

Micheal Jackson hologram at TSJS4

Mike was having such a great time on the 5th of October. Jamming, popping, gyrating & moonwalking his heart out.
Mike on Monday morning. Effects of a hangover: his head in his hands! Apparently he was on tequila that whole night!!!!


Mangstarr in a custom made Indigo Thesis jeans. the pocket stitching represents sea waves from the Kasi Sailor collection. Too nice!
The cut is a regular tapered fit! inspired by jeans Thesis recently made for Dj Kenzhero. Well; we'd like to call it: the "Kenny Cut"
Drinking coffee in custom a made black & grey striped Thesis shirt. Detailed with bits of red stiches & buttons. Its got what we call a raglan sleeve: similar to baseball jackets & T-shirts. very dope design! a True Mangstarr design!

The Bouncer

Converse All Star. Also called "khonjenje" in the deep crevices of Soweto. Love by those that feel free to be themselves or just simply that chilled out kind of vibe about it. That red line on top of the sole's rim: completed the canvas wonder. Most guys who have the pair have a certain bounce to their steps. I used to wonder why? Till I got myself a pair! And what do you know? The boy was bouncing here & there & everywhere. Like I just drank a bottle of gummy juice! its only natural I suppose. It’s the first & the last! The alpha & omega of sneaker culture. Anyone who is in tune with the culture should have owned or owns a pair; at some point in their lives.