December 6, 2011

Loxion Live Music Festival: 16 December 2011

The Loxion Live festival took place on 16 December 2011 at Mofolo Park and featured distinct South African music performed by both known and unknown SA talent, the choice of artists was a very conscious one as the festival aimed to provide quality acts rarely or never to be enjoyed by the township’s communities. Furthermore Loxion Live wanted to appeal to both old and young audiences while giving young, unsigned bands the opportunity to perform alongside internationally acclaimed SA artists.

Loxion Live,produced by Street Pop Industry, will take place at SHAP STADIUM (OPP. MOFOLO PARK), Soweto on 16 December 2011 from 12h to 22h00. Loxion Live brings you a stellar line-up of South African bands each representing a distinct SA music genre:

Siya Shezi

Bongeziwe Mabandla




Simphiwe Dana

McCoy Mrubata

MC’s : Smowkey

So pack a pick nick, bring the family and come and join us to celebrate Reconciliation Day with the best Mzansi has got to offer in a safe and friendly environment.




INFO: / / 011- 039 1495 / 082-488 05 16 /072-645 54 70

December 5, 2011

Nike Sportswear ZA presents: Slyza with Wandile Zondo

Taking Sportswear to the streets of New York City, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Rio de Janerio and Los Angeles, the Look Of Sport journey continues and makes it's turn to South Africa. A creative group of young athletes shared their favourite local spots while styled in product from our Summer Of Sport Style collection.

We spent some time with Wandi Zondo, an avid runner & Thesis store manager located in heart of Soweto. A soft spoke guy Wandi is not your average runner, at the crack of dawn he's up ready to claim the streets his own. Running is not only Wandile's chosen sport but it is his way of life. It enables him to push the limits whether he's on the track, managing the Thesis Concept Store & being part of the Thesis Social Jam Crew. Check out what Wandi gets up to in his daily schedule and the extra ingredient that makes him stand above all. Simply a man of many talents, Wandile Zondo is Always On.

Check out the video here:


December 2, 2011

3 years of Grand Finales

back in december 2008

Back in 2010 & Public Enemy made a suprise visit. Flavour Flav & Chuck D even gave us a great performance. So a lot of people paid 20 bucks to see them. how about that?!

We have been at it for sometime now. And its been a lot of hard work, closed doors & some opened. We got involved in great projects through out the years. We love what these jams are about. They represent the hood; the streets & everything that’s great about Soweto. It’s the new voice of the strange & the good. The life of us: its people! All Djs that played at the jams were specific choices. You guys came knowing the protocol. All your sets were well appreciated & never made us stand still; you keep the jams going every; single 1st Sunday of the month. Know that if you made an impression on the decks: you will definitely get a call back next year & that’s for real.

The bands were good & bad, but mostly enjoyed the good ones; well for obvious reasons. The melodies that flowed through the crowd like ghostly spirits: made the hairs on our backs stand. The sing-a-longs had the crowds performing to you. Those mesmerizing bridges that had us watching in awe! So for a feeling like that: we thank you! Last, but not least: you the jammers. We really love you guys. Our facebook friends, twitter followers & everyone that has read about us & supported us from day 1 of the jams. You guys are boss & to those that have never missed even 1 jam; 1 love to you all. As the end is nigh: I hope you enjoy the festive season safely and soundly till the next jam in Jan. We’ll still be on this during the festive season. So keep your eyes peeled, but in the meantime its on this Sunday.

November 29, 2011

The TSJS Grand Finale

Jam Social Jam Sessions is in the space again. Its summer; it’s the last for the year; so make sure you don’t miss it. You know how we can shake things up in December: for the past 3 years. If the flier is anything to go bonkers for; then the line up will sure make you go to a mental asylum. We got the avant garde messiah; Skindeep on the decks. Talk about two- step, trip, lo-fi with a mix of kwaito in there. Wireless G will also be shining his resident sword. Knighthood of alternative in the bag & recently very busy creative Dj. He probably has something special for everyone on the 4th. Another member of the round table: AirMaxOwe will be on the swish this summer; probably leading us to Japan(I so wish). Cool is an understatement to say anything about AirMaxOwe. He’s a very mature deck operator, the tunes that he plays are no childs play kinda tunes. Coming back home is a thrill for him & for us too. We are waiting for you my brother.

Another son of the sun is the kid. We can proudly say that we are glad to have introduced Kid Fonque to the masses of Soweto. Since then everyone wanted to claim custody. A very good friend of the Jam. Kid Fonque has opened and played after internationals such as Jazzanova (Sonar Kollektiv records Berlin), Dj Krush (Japan), Charles Webster, Fink (Ninja Tune), Luke Solomon (Classic records), Mr Scruff (Ninja Tune), Rainer Truby (Compost records), Gilles Peterson (Radio 1 UK), Darjan (Metro Area), Dj Craze (World DMC Champ 3 years in a row), Dj Naughty (Deejay Gigolos Germany), Ame (Sonar Kollektiv Berlin), Aaron Jerome (If music London), Nick Matthews (best kept secret), Basement jaxx and there’s more to come. soulful, jazzy, freestyle, fresh, and always unpredictable.

On the mic is uber cool mc/stylist: Bhubesi. Who’s also a very busy individual in the music & fashion world. Wordsmith hustler who speaks about social ills in the hood & the streets. Also a good friend of THESIS. He has graced us before as his alter ego George Boundary in his group Take Away. He’s got some new stuff up his sleeve for this Sunday.

Reggae team Tidal Waves is on stage too. The crowd is skanking in unison, bouncing up and down like an irie earthquake of rhythm. The maestro with the guitar stops blowing his harmonica and leans into the microphone and shouts: 'Original Music! For Original People!' The crowd screams back in togetherness. The maestro smiles and hits them with another song. Tidal Waves are widely regarded as the hardest working reggae band in South Africa, playing gigs from Oppikoppi to Pretoria, Cape Town to Potchefstroom and beyond. The band is made up of five very gifted musicians, the core of the group being held together by Jacob 'Zakes' Wulana on guitar, vocals, harmonica and vuvuzela and Sam 'Drumbo' Shoai on vocals and drum kit. The rest of the band is made up of Shadrack “Charlie” Mathopa is on the bass guitar; Johannes “Charlie” Papasha on keyboards, while Jaco “Mr.” Mans wields the lead guitar.

It’s the last jam for the year. We going to have a doctor on site; because its about to get sick. Part of the new summer collection: S.W.A.T gear will be sold in the store. Food & drinks in the house (not on the house). Come lets enjoy, reminisce about the year & welcome the New Year with a bang. Its going to be something special, cos you’re special… ☺

Line up:

Wireless G
Kid Fonque

Tidal Waves
Damage: R30

November 24, 2011

Festive vibes

THESIS has released part of its range at the Thesis Concept Store in mofolo. The inspiration is task unit S.W.A.T! then we put a spin to it in making a stylish collection for this summer. The pics were shot on the brands 6th birthday in August. Themed Alices in Sowetoland: the tea party. This is what’s in store now. Its starting to fly off the shelf. We also got some cool shades & our famous spoties(bucket hats). So; slide yourself in between the store’s doors; it’s a traffic! S.W.A.T T-shirts & vests out soon. Festive vibes yo, good old festive vibes!!!

November 4, 2011

TSJS line hot line up Q&A

Comedy society represented by funny man: King Flat:

TSJS: where do you come from?

King Flat: Polokwane,

TSJS: when did you start playing?

KF: Late 2008

TSJS: how did you get that name?

KF: Its original Flat nose, because my nose is flat, but in drama school I played king character in a play. So after this: 2 girls started calling me king and eventually the name was combined in to king flat

TSJS: what do you love about Soweto?

KF:The people there appreciate the arts; at least that’s the impression I received.

TSJS: whats you favourite tune?

KF: mogwanthi by mojava

TSJS: what kinda set are you preparing for this jam?

KF: Things that will make people not only laugh but also think at the same time and thats what i call the deeper trust

TSJS line hot line up Q&A

This duo is incredible! transcending boarders with their collective presentation! totally exhilarating with so much energy that makes want drown in it!!! here's what they had to say about themselves:

TSJS: where do you come from?

S&R: We are both from Soweto, Sai is from Mofolo and Mahlatse is from Molapo.

TSJS: when did you start playing?

S&R: Separately for more than a decade but as a collective since 2007

TSJS: how did you get that name?

S&R: Sai (original name Sandile; friend called him Sai and it stuck), Ribatone's altered from my surname Riba to create a musical identity...

TSJS: what do you love about Soweto?

S&R: Its been home a for us, taught us life altering lessons, practically gave us life forever,trendsetting nature,the ever lively energy of its people, the diversity and the bright future ahead!

TSJS: whats you favourite tune?

S&R: Our first single "Tonite" from our upcoming debut album "Here & Now".

TSJS: what kinda set are you preparing for this jam?

S&R: A futuristic, spontaneous and dynamic set. Expect the unexpected!

TSJS line hot line up Q&A

i have been looking forward to this guys set for me the most anticipated! down to earth & classic looking kinda. ladies & gentleman: Dudltot

TSJS:where do you come from?

Dubltot: vosloorus..eastrand

TSJS: when did you start playing?

Dt: in 2008

TSJS:how did you get that name?

Dt: Comes from my nickname.. Toto

TSJS:what do you love about Soweto?

Dt:The culture & the Soweto flava

TSJS:whats you favourite tune?

Dt: Rjd2-ghost writer

TSJS:what kinda set are you preparing for this jam?

Dt: an eclectic set, a bit of everything with some classic tracks.

TSJS line hot line up Q&A

this is hot line up indeed! can't wait to hear everyone do their thing on the 6th, this Sunday!so i went on to probe my artists this with some nail biting questions( well; not really) 1st up its miz buttonz. she has been a favourite since i've met her 3 years ago. sweet sistren here & this is how she answered:

TSJS: where do you come from?

Miz Buttons:I grew up in Zondi 2, Soweto.

TSJS:when did you start playing?
Miz B:About 10 years ago at the Bassline in Melville

TSJS: how did you get that name?

Miz B:Besides pressing people's buttons lol, I collect buttons - nothing fancy!

TSJS: what do you love about Soweto?

Miz B:Hmmm, EVERYTHING! I figure it taught me to be tougher!

TSJS: whats you favourite tune?

Miz B:Don't have - I always figure I'm cheating on the other tunes.

TSJS:what kinda set are you preparing for this jam?

MizB:I hardly ever prepare! the source is in the gig's vibe - but definately a musical odyssey filled with vibrant tunes

October 28, 2011

Jam with a BANG!!!!!

The Jams are back again, just a month before the year’s over. We’ve got another deadly line up and all we can say is that: ‘tis the season of joy & music. Given that it’s summer; it’s time to get your sweat on y’all. 6th November is the date to diarize & Thesis Concept Store is the location for your GPS.

Sai & Ribatone are nothing short of being one of the best duo in Soweto. Sai on the decks & Riba on the keyboard, their delectable sounds will certainly give you something to chew on. This is towards the launch of their much anticipated debut album: Here & Now.

Miz Buttonz is another pioneer in the TSJS sounds; returning to the Jams since her last performance in 2009. She has a magnificent way of playing around with jazz, hip hop & a bit of dubstep, all interconnected. She’s just superb.

A new entry to our awesome Dj line-up is Dubltot. The last time some of the TSJS crew got to listen to him was in Tembisa; at Papa Chillos in 2008. His sound has gotten better since then, it’s guaranteed fire from this cat.

Our band for the day is Season; a 3-piece banger we look forward to having on our new stage. The trio’s different influences range from the soul singer Raphael Saadiq to electro giants Daft Punk, from jazz legend John Coltrane to John Mayer, Ceelo Greene, Arctic Monkey and Musiq Soulchild. Their music is a combination of soul music, jazz, reggae and rock all blended in a familiar but refreshing way.

The comedy society from Pretoria will be supplying a fresh new bunch of comedians to our hood/burb. They go by the names of Rami Rakau & Sipho Moloi - stiches, stiches, stiches, stitches….

Let’s get this show started and open the gates for the festive season. Don’t forget that the new THESIS summer 2011 range will be in store, so brace yourself. Things will never be the same again.

Miss buttonz
Sai & Ribatone


Rami Rakau
Sipho Moloi