February 28, 2012

Under Construction

change is very important to everyone. its a sign of moving on. a sign of better things. although there's change for the worst: there's a bit of chance that its preparing you for the better, so inevitably change is good. i think its in a way you steer it; in a direction of where you want to this change to take you.

change: embrace it!

February 27, 2012


Chilling with Vice talking about how music is such a great aspect of life. How it makes you feel in a way you can’t explain. How we know people like kid Fonque, wireless g, Leftoo, Kuriosoul & Gilles Peterson. These are some of very few names that got me open to a whole new world of music. Pleasure, in all its glory. Music we love you! ☺

THESIS Social Jam Sessions was inspired by such a vast range of music. Monthly we give a report back illustrating a new point of view about Soweto & a different kind of lifestyle. Change is undergoing at the Thesis Concept Store & for that all will be unveiled on 4 March 2012.

On the decks we got the finest Djs our ears can listen to. We have Trevor the Japanese, Khumza, Housecats & PlayKayStat. Tickling our funny bones is Jason Goliath. Band on stage is The Fridge. Do yourself a favour & come through. Bring your friends too & lets just chill out!!!

February 23, 2012

THESIS x 5 Roses Superbowl

Molofo cultural bowl situated in Mofolo, Soweto! Is remembered as far as the 1970’s. A great place to have existed in the hearts of all Sowetans. SA: you know about it. World: you know about it too. Named after legendary poet, writer & author: Thomas Mofolo. 5 roses got into the mix & gave the bowl a refreshing feeling. Hence now we all call it 5 Roses Superbowl. It was made for funerals, conferences, weddings & festivals. It had a little lake running behind it, giving it that warm feeling of a festival. And it was perfect for festivals. It had a little Centre & offices where youth & community development was exercised on a daily basis. The history is rich with local & abroad artists preforming to thousands of people. We’ll miss the original structure, art & culture has promised a come back. I bet its even going to be better than before.

THESIS did a tribute to 5 Roses superbowl. Its part of our heritage & it’s a landmark for Mofolo. Just like the Thesis Concept Store. Crossing our fingers for a modern, fresh & innovative structure to be built. Hope your eyes enjoy!

February 22, 2012

Sibangani Ncube #RunsJozi

A chance to associate with Nike was never on my mind, especially through running. Which is something I do to benefit myself. Being a friend of Nike has installed in me confidence and has made me more comfortable running in my environment. Wednesdays have become half day for me at work as I have to make way to Rosebank for the once a week Nike Run Club starting at 17:30.

Thesis Concept Store in Soweto being my everyday zone means #RunJozi will be removed from reminders on my phone. This is because there is a pretty cool painted wall you can't go without noticing just outside Thesis. For me it will be a constant reminder as it is the first thing I spot when I get off the taxi, walk to the shop and that's always been my favorite space to take random pictures.

#RunJozi is to be the greatest experience in my relationship with Nike. For me its not about being number 1 but seeing Jozi people [especially the youth] come out to take part in such positive event. People have a chance to run through Jozi , have fun, network and take back the city. Unless they never had it. I'm hoping to see you there.

February 21, 2012


Not that you going to have cops busting through your door asking for names! Rather a concept busting through the heart.It’s the latest summer 2011/2012 edition of gun prints from THESIS. Done very well by Jana & Koos. They were heartfelt as soon as they came into the store. Gentlemen we give the gun that was shot from the heart! In white tanks & grey V-neck Ts. On sale at the Thesis Concept Store

February 20, 2012

New Cell C Campaign featuring Justice Mukheli

At most times we wonder how people got to where they are and what keeps them going. We all have different influences, though we doing the same thing: everybody has their own story to tell. One brother telling an inspiring story about what he does is Justice Mukheli as he CONTINUE(s) THE JOURNEY.


February 16, 2012

Kitchen Manager wanted at THESIS Café

Launching on 04 March 2011: Thesis Café is looking for a hardworking, creative, enthusiastic cook and kitchen manager with passion and experience in working in a food environment.

They will be responsible for the daily running of Thesis Café, communicating with customers, preparing food and giving excellent customer service. Great at following orders and working as part of a team.

They will have to have a positive outlook and personal hygiene is of importance, as they will be working in a customer-facing environment. Must understand food measurements and the importance of keeping the freshness and originality of food prepared.

Will be working alongside the Executive Chef who is responsible for the menu and admin. Leadership skills is a must, she/he should be able to delegate and take charge when required

Openly communicate problems and solutions to the parties involved while working with the team to solve them.

Note that we are looking for a very raw, yet extremely talented individual with tons of upside and potential. This means that if you have very limited experience or are fresh out of school, you are the ideal candidate for us.

If you are the perfect candidate or know someone who is, email your CV to info@thesis.co.za

Thesis Concept Store

Contact person: Nombulelo Dhlomo


011 982 1182

173 Machaba Drive

Mofolo Village

February 13, 2012

J Dilla month

Dilla was an American hip producer that was a beat icon. He was the master of a very saturated industry(well like any other one I guess). He emerged from the underground hip hop scene in Detriot, Michigan. Produced some of the best albums for Erikah badu, Slum Village, Dwele, Common, Janet Jackson, Ghostface Killer, Busta Rhymes & Tribe Called Quest to mention a few. He passed on in 2006 from a rare blood illness he was fighting for years. A true artist like Amy Winehouse, Micheal Jackson & moses molelekwa!

Stussy was hooking him up with some gear before he passed on. James Dewitt Yancey is his birth name & his music was his right of passage.Stussy honoured his memory by doing a range of Ts in his name in Feb 2010, marking the 4 years since he passed on. It was long overdue since he really dug the brand. Here are some of the styles they had. Well this year, last Friday would be 6 years since his passing & he'd be 38. Our resident DJ AirMaxOwe did a Dilla tribute, since his music has been one of TSJSs influences. It’s a very dope mix, so enjoy!

By AirMaxOwe:


Dilla forever!

February 7, 2012

Avant Garde: Vintage Lounge

The term Avant-Garde refers to any cutting edge movement led by a small group of people to open new doors within their realm of interest. The Avant-Garde (Vintage Lounge) movement seeks to identify and give platform to more sophisticated than regular dance music, on the scale of Broken Beats, NuJazz and Electronica/Lounge.

We decided to take a chill pill in January, and make sure we deliver quality Avant Garde guests in the next upcoming months.
We kick-start the year in style with two legendary guests:

GREG MALOKA (The Maestro): well known for his soulful signature sound, with releases such as the classic "What's Phat Pussycat 3", he's also a founding member of DJU who are responsible for the South African Music Conference. Greg spear-headed popular radio station YFM into a solid brand, then later appointed MD/Station Manager at Kaya FM. He's not only a musical maestro, but also a creative genie who has his hands on both Branding & Advertising, which simply explains why he's called "THE MAESTRO".

THE JEZREEL: Hails from Mamelodi, Pretoria, a true Avant Gardist with a super eclectic taste, will surely blow a lot of minds. He let's the music speak for itself.

DATE: Friday 10th Feb 2012
VENUE: Rockerfella, Soweto

Trev The Japanese
GREG MALOKA (The Maestro)