November 26, 2012

Public announcement.

Good day Jammers and Family

We know that you all have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the now infamous Thesis Social Jam Session, aka TSJS. This national popular culture phenomenon has been a part of what nourishes urban youth culture for a period of four years. Over the years, subscription TSJS forces have grown at an exceeding rate, with the event growing numbers that not only occupied the street, but also was extended to the surrounding parking lot.

Despite this incredible growth of a formidable lifestyle brand that fosters community and youth entrepreneurial spirit, there seems to be loopholes in the current city by laws that are being exploited to put a halt to the revolution.
This became apparent to the TSJS team, when the session was shut down for no apparent reason by the local law enforcement officers.
Despite numerous and heartfelt efforts by the TSJS team to keep in tact an iconic and organically South African urban youth culture brand, it would seem that the situation has reached a significantly dismal dead end courtesy of bureaucratic and bias Joburg City Management procedure.
The situation has reached ridiculous proportions, with The Thesis Social Jam Session officially being RED flagged by the Cities Event Management Structures.
Despite following due process for the planning of events as prescribed by the X Law, various players within the Johannesburg Event Organising Committee commonly known as JOC have taken great and in many instances unreasonable measures to ensure that we do not succeed in our efforts to continue - as it stands, the Police were not willing to grant us the permission letter in order for us to do the session, and they have not given any valid indication of why the permission cannot be granted.

It is with a heavy heart, that the TSJS Team officially announces that on this day 26 November 2012, that the final session for 2012 will not be taking place circumstances and exploitation of our cities laws, furthermore, there would be no more Thesis Social Jam Session at all after this one.

The implications for US? We FUCKED because we will not be able to grow our consumer base in our own space. What does this mean for YOU? 
You will lose out on a spot that was as authentic, open aired and willing to accommodate all cultures in Soweto, a spot that could cater for various levels of tempo and ambiance, a space that brings you closer to your senses about the music, comedy and poetry scenes in Soweto. This is the reality.

In light of these developments, we are already working on a bigger version of the Thesis Social Jam Session, which will be called Thesis Social Jam Festival that we will host annually in Soweto. We will be launching a quarterly magazine that will encompass changing the face of two shops, just like Thesis did. We see ourselves as an idea incubator and that will never change.

“All good things never come to an end, they evolve into something bigger”

November 7, 2012

Spring//Summer gear

Sunday 28 October.
Call Time: 10h00
Model: Wandile Zondo
Stylist: Mangi Mbitsana
Photographer: Vice Nene aka godskidbrother

After talks and long nights of meetings, we came to the conclusion that we needed to shoot the product we have in store. Why? First Wandile loves the camera (think Nike Slyza link), secondly we still working on our mobi-site//app that will have clothes and an online store and lastly, we pride ourselves in working as a team and collaborating with others like our good friend Vice Nene aka godskidbrother

Thesis Globally accepted VEST

Red bucket hat + Temperacha camo shirt

Thesis water repellant navy chino's + Temperacha camo shirt

Thesis Bucket hat + Thesis Jean check shirt + Thesis water repellant beige chino's

Thesis Follow the sun "kasi sailor" T-shirt

Thesis jean check shirt

Thesis bucket + Temperacha all over print shirt.

Some might call it a look book, but we do not see it that way. The reason being that we are constantly adding product that people never get to see, thus it was never apart of our line items for the season. This is a snippet of the product that we have in store and we are welcoming you, our friend and desired consumer to see what we do when we not on social networks or working towards the next jam session.