June 4, 2010

I can tell you now that: there isn’t any time as the time now. Its the 2nd wave of the best year in South Africa after the Rugby World Cup... The FIFA World Cup is in our country from the 11 June to 11 July & its football frenzy this side of town. One of the places synonymous with Joburg is SOWETO. Starting the kick off on 6 June 2010 is the TSJS( THESIS Social Sessions, for those who are not familiar with acronym). A dope line up is full Of LOVE. Chuck D from the Deep Soweto stable will be punching them lines like there’s no tomorrow. We got Babu; a band from Cape Town, a new resident Dj who goes by the name of Springer, I’m sure he’s was knighted for a reason. Our guest dj for the evening is Hypenoid. Talking about LOVE: the “ I LOVE SOWETO” campaign is still embroiled in our love for beautiful things, the next concept is still ready for action soon. It’s an evening of great music & people.

So don’t miss if this post does not reach you in time. I don’t know where you at; if the whole world is here .Be in SA now or be square...

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