July 29, 2010

THESIS Retro tops & I Love Soweto hoodies @ Thesis Concept Store

Hi there winter babies! Braving the chill is the “in” thing this winter, so I hope you buckled up well for the season storms; hitting the southern hemisphere like crazy! If not here’s a couple of what we call: the Retro tops The I love Soweto hoodies from THESIS @ the THESIS Concept Store. The tops came in black with red trimmings & there were red tops with black trimmings. The hoodies in beige & navy with red trimmings.

Then an inspiration of hosting the most massive tournament on the planet; bit us & we decided to honour our flag with the last edition of the tops. While we everyone 100% behind bafana bafana: the boys hopes were dashed after just two innings! We at the concept of instilling hope back into the people & reminding them that we are still South Africans. These ones were done in the spirit of Pride & honour! In black; laced in red; blue; green & yellow trimmings. Green in red; yellow,green & black trimmings...

THESIS Concept Store
Mashaba Drive
173 Mofolo village, Soweto

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