February 1, 2011


Oy_Laundry_Montreux Jazz Festival 2010 from PATLALA VIDEO on Vimeo.


Iasked my friends to mail me some childhood memories. i received many funny and beautiful, poetic and absurd stories: a girl who would box around the corner before walking because it might be dangerous to walk and bump into some dangerous being. a boy who believed the actual idea of clouds passing by was to provide us with a beautiful image. the danger of the toilet witch who would grab you and pull you down into the toilet if you sat on it too long after flushing. and many more.. so there i go with some playful little songs. (as it appears on here myspace page)

Oy uses a mixture of sounds and squeaks, frog ribbits and human voices. Her style is a mixture of soul, hip hop, spoken word, improv, electronic, jazz, classical and rock. (...) This album would need thousands of listens before one could hear every nuance, but it’s definitely worth your time!'

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