December 2, 2011

3 years of Grand Finales

back in december 2008

Back in 2010 & Public Enemy made a suprise visit. Flavour Flav & Chuck D even gave us a great performance. So a lot of people paid 20 bucks to see them. how about that?!

We have been at it for sometime now. And its been a lot of hard work, closed doors & some opened. We got involved in great projects through out the years. We love what these jams are about. They represent the hood; the streets & everything that’s great about Soweto. It’s the new voice of the strange & the good. The life of us: its people! All Djs that played at the jams were specific choices. You guys came knowing the protocol. All your sets were well appreciated & never made us stand still; you keep the jams going every; single 1st Sunday of the month. Know that if you made an impression on the decks: you will definitely get a call back next year & that’s for real.

The bands were good & bad, but mostly enjoyed the good ones; well for obvious reasons. The melodies that flowed through the crowd like ghostly spirits: made the hairs on our backs stand. The sing-a-longs had the crowds performing to you. Those mesmerizing bridges that had us watching in awe! So for a feeling like that: we thank you! Last, but not least: you the jammers. We really love you guys. Our facebook friends, twitter followers & everyone that has read about us & supported us from day 1 of the jams. You guys are boss & to those that have never missed even 1 jam; 1 love to you all. As the end is nigh: I hope you enjoy the festive season safely and soundly till the next jam in Jan. We’ll still be on this during the festive season. So keep your eyes peeled, but in the meantime its on this Sunday.

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