January 30, 2012

TSJS Feb edition 2012

How’s everyone doin’? The jam is back in its rightful place: the 1st Sunday of the month; at the Concept Store. All is well at the THESIS camp; still pushing boundaries & pioneering new social trends. As usual.

As we said before: this year, we aim to unleash the real jammer in all o’ y’all.

This is how it goes; we count down the days till the 5th - connect the sound, prepare the food, price the gear, we check ourselves, you check yourselves and [let’s] get this party started yo!!!

So make yourself available; at all costs. And I can bet you; the Jam is always worth any costs you accumulate.

The game has given you more lives to enjoy your time with us; now press enter and step into the THESIS Lifestyle Space!

Our next Disc Jockey line-up is the best in the game of our kind of music.
We have Trevor the Japanese (Vintage Lounge), PlayKayStat (Ginger Bred), and Sims & Themba (MusicAtLast). These guys are solid and if you know your music; you’ll definitely agree with us. And while they’re spinning the hits; you’ll be chilling on them great couches or showing off your new dance moves – sippin’ on a cold one. Can I get a “HELL YEAH”?!

We also have the Feds - Federation to the unknowing - the ultimate rap duo! Warning: keep your bad ish at home and only bring a good ear to lend. They have been doing their thing for a while now & they a have strong lyrical background. We have hopped quite several times to their hip joints here at the jam; so they back again with new material to offer!

Food and clothes will be sold, music will be played, new people will be met & dope tracks will be rapped.

The Jam Feb line up

• Trevor the Japanese
• Sims
• Themba
• Stat
• The Feds

TSJS 2012 BABY!!!!

1 comment:

Matsobane Nathan said...

is \ are The Feds from SA.? looking to preview their act, prior the coming TSJS gig.
Tried searching from web for them, had no luck ....