May 3, 2012

The Last Band

Since 4 march, people have been asking what happened? Is TSJS coming back? Abiding by the law. All we can say with growth & change: there’s bound to be some challenges in your way; to achieve total achievement. Last time we were launching THESIS new look:... THESIS Lifestyle Space. Now Fresh “SURPRISE” line up. Get ready for a mysterious experience a music show has ever put up. This will surely get back the love you have for the jams. On the 63rd day, since March; all will be revealed. If you know the jams & love them! You’ll trust that it’s going to be wonderful musical adventure that you’ll never forget! It’s the LAST BAND JAM! 2 bands who will be playing 3 songs each. 2 original songs & 1 classic cover & the crowd chooses the winner! 4 Djs to keep us entertained & 2 comedians be hosting & giving us chuckles! 6 May is on! Time: 14:00 Venue: Thesis Lifestyle Space Entrance: R40

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