December 2, 2009

Interview with FUTURE HISTORY

1. Briefly introduce each member and their role in
the band.

*Dirty Rascal 'The Truth' (real name,Wandile Themba) - one of two
rappers in the FH Fam. Truth brings incredible energy onstage.
*'Makzol' (Mxolisi Mpho Lepele) - Not just a rapper but what we call a
wordsmith. When Mak's on the mic, make certain you listen. He's also a
fully qualified sound engineer & is studying the trumpet.
*Qairo - FH vocalist. A strong musical background ensures that she
brings a melodic contribution rarely heard on the scene. Has intense
stage presence.
*Malcom - FH Pianist/Keyboardist, however an immensely talented
musician (also plays trombone) who manages to pull the music together
& arranges the band's horn section harmonies that have become
signature sounds of FH music.
*Senzo - A master bassist of the FH family, whether double bass or
electric. He drives the band sound & truly adds an element that most
bassist aspires to. Also incredibly strong & accurate on the drums.
*Kgori - A talented drummer who's immensely creative with rhythm &
brings colour to hip-hop played by FH. You could find him sliding tunes
on trombone as well.
*Oscar 'hangova' - If FH is on stage & you hear the most soulful alto
saxophone improves, it's probably Oscar. Has a confident & real melodic
approach to FUTURE HISTORY music. Has an amazingly sharp ear for hot
*Hlubi - Also on alto sax, he's your fast-paced be-bop quick thinking'
musician & brings that variety to the band. He has an amazing ability
to tend to sound like he's singing' on his instrument & on a crazy solo
Hlubi can climax a song & turn it inside out at its crescendo! He can
hold down some ill chords on keys too.
*S'bu - On the tenor sax, he’s the smoothest member of the band. Laid
back with a beautiful tone that rounds off harmonies in FH
arrangements. All while making truly intelligent music seem
*Tumelo 'genius' - The trumpeter in the band. He contributes the
highest notes in most horn harmonies & possesses a personality wrapped
in pure fun. Has explosive energy during performances.

2. Are you each the instruments that you play?
I assume this is a metaphorical question and the answer to that is
never definite. With so many personalities of one family which consists
of multi-instrumentalists who can never be put into a box by
definition of instrument title, it's hard to say. Furthermore, some of
us are engineers, graphic designers & fine artists. However, music is
the only language we audibly understand collectively when we pick up
our instruments to play.

3. Do you think you are part of the ever changing & ever growing Soweto; if so
We definitely think we are although development is never as constant
as we'd love it to be. However, In terms of the sub-cultures & that
some of FH band members belong to the Soweto community, we've observed
a lot of brands, projects & events growing. When we constantly get
invited back to display our work and progress, it motivates us as much
as the next to know that we once performed at perhaps a venue that
wasn't much when it started out & now being proud that they helped
grow us and our crowd as much as we helped grow them and their
following. It's mutual benefit to both brands and that's all positive.

4. Who is your favorite Jazz artist?
That's a difficult question when we consider all legends concerned and
the fact that a band of 10 can’t have one favorite. All FUTURE HISTORY
members are well schooled in jazz so opinions may vary also according
to the chosen instrument/s of the individual. Albeit, some of the names
you might hear us quote are Miles Davis, Charlie Parker,Roy
Hargrove,Bradford Marsallis, Chet Baker,John Coltrane, Thelonious
Monk,Bheki Mseleku,Winston Mankunku and the list goes on forever...

5. Why is hip hop dead if you consider that it
might be?
Oh gosh! There are such mixed emotions on this topic, but each to his/her
own opinion. On one hand, a lot of what's now being dubbed as hip hop
really doesn't belong to hip hop culture (maybe pop), hence why we feel
that's the element that's killing an honest art form. Then again, the
purist says this, while others adapt & conform to change & accept that
this is now the present-day hip hop sound so how is it dead. Maybe it's
simply evolution & as all trends go, it’ll come back full circle, who
knows. Our (FUTURE HISTORY's) approach is simply to do what we do best
& that's being musical. If we wanna rap to mbaqanga, jazz, funk, soul or
maskandi we simply do that coz it's timeless music & we put an edge to
it. If Africa's still mimicking the prescribed style of hip hop from
international influences without embracing who we are musically, then
we might as well attend hip hop's funeral. For now, perhaps it's not
dead...just comatose, waiting for inspiration efana ne FUTURE HISTORY
so. LOL

6. When is the album or EP coming out?
Next year sometime. We’re still recording & since its 2 concurrent
projects, dates are not set yet. Every now and then though, we’ll hand
a free track to our audience at shows so they got something' to

7. Does South Africa have a room for your sound or
do think there is a bigger audience internationally?
There's absolutely a larger audience outside of home no doubt, but we
believe in home audience 1st so that they have something to be proud
of by the time we receive international appreciation. As artists we
all should be internationally known & locally accepted. SA knows music
so let 'em give you that green light that you can represent your
country well out there.

8. What should we look forward to on this coming performance at the TSJS?
Y’all will enjoy so much on our set!
Look forward to your favorite multi dimensional band to bring you an
array of sounds played over rhythmic funk-infused tunes with a jazz
influence. As well as lyrics that constitute what we've pioneered as
Grootman Rap. It's ahead of time yet nostalgic! We're there to shut it
FUTURE HISTORY. "we're legends already made, our tales are already
framed. We're orchestratin' history"

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