November 30, 2009

The Blue Finale

What is a Jam Session secret? Taking place in a boutique shop, seriously out of the ordinary. This super-soulful gathering continues to do-the-do. ''I have no idea why the concept of boutique music gathering works so well in Soweto'' confesses the ever-eclectic turntablist kid fonque. ''But that's the thing about.

Lounge/Soul/Nu Jazz/Break beat music scene, it's full of unique quirks...'' Its year End Tsjs will be hosting The Annual Grand Finale with a Twist this Time …Thee “Blue Finale”. Feeling blue that you never lived up to expectations or wistfully waiting for the last session of all fun and festive moods.

Heart broken or Dejected? Looking for comfort in beats that speak of your sorrow? Remember, sorrow is just a passing phase.

Either way, a little more heat in your lives is surely a good thing, and we plan to make the end as spectacular as humanly possible.

With an all star line-up, including Stand up Comedy plus a full live band expect

all the usual glitz and glamour of Jam Sessions Grand Finales, Kid Fonque headlining providing his usual brand of upfront, soul-inspired lounge House beats.

Merlot or Shiraz Khumza, showcasing with matured years in the industry, the sweeter the Kick becomes, the sweeter The Loop, The Lesson is Maturity in his set.

Future history jazz with Nu Jazz remixes. This group features a mix of original jazztronica/soul/funk tunes as well as remixes of music from hip hop and McCoy Tyner Jazzelicious, A perfect blend of modern rhythms, horns, and electronica.

Next generation of music Makers … The Layders

Omi & Wireless G Razing the volume up high… usual

Join us, notched up a peg or two to help wave a melancholy goodbye to feeling Blue that quite lived up to Expectations. And always remember …..When life hands you Lemons, ask for tequila and salt, and call me over!

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