October 28, 2010

Consumers choice

This post is related to the question/topic that was put on our facebook fan page and linked to our twitter account. " Lets put each other up on some music. What are you playing/loving/listening to?" As Thesis we feel a need to have a constant dialogue with out consumers as to know what are they listening to, wearing, thinking...

This keeps us close to them and builds the bounds that we want to have in order to sustain the relationship.

Katleho Katt Kuaho is currently listening to Ezel feat Flexie Muiso - Pieces of Me (Original Mix)

Sandile Mavuso is Listening to Blue six- Noesis

Tsholofelo Raboshaga is listening to Amel Lovely Standards

Levi King Levi is listening to Bill Withers- Live at the Carnegie Hall

LeboSekere is listening to The Arrows- Lovesick

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