October 8, 2010

Big Up to our boy Wireless_G for being part of the awesome Nike: More Than Air campaign.

The Wireless_G

Air Max 1 tooo nice...!

Caster Leading the way...

Caster leading the way with the Wireless_G around the corner...!

Here is a low down about the Wireless_G: At just the tender age of 23, Galebowe Mahlatsi commonly known as wireless_g in the streets of Soweto is a worldwide underground type of person. By this we mean that he has traveled the world and shared the stage with the likes of Lefto, Benji B and Exile. Having started his DJ career in 2003 under the alias of Gee, wireless was mainly a house music dj with his sound grounded on soul and jazz as these were and still are his two most loved music genres. During his house music times, wireless was resident of Primi Bazala at Maponya Mall and played alongside DJ China, Claude, Bobo, Bilal, and Nana.

With the start of the Thesis Social Jam Sessions in 2008, The wireless sound gained momentum and diversity from soul, hip hop to Afro beat to Broken beat. This sound called free style and canned by Gilles Peterson, has seen him share the stage with prominent local Dj's Kid Fonque and Kenzhero in his native hood of Soweto.

Wireless_g has opened the stage for Blu and Exile, Ben Westbeech, Babu (The Band). His sound is still grounded on his first love of Soul and Jazz and includes the futuristic sounds of Dirty Paraffin and The Layders combined with Flying Lotus. This young lad is something to behold in the future of South African music landscape through his selection and cu-ration of tracks.

Now it's Nike this boy is destined for big things I tell you. Keep watching the space and his blog: http://universeroom.wordpress.com/

I have to say this Nike campaign is fresh and Nike like...! http://www.galleryon4th.co.za/2010/10/08/more-than-air-going-up/

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