August 21, 2011

Soweto travel guide for dummies

Just in case you are contemplating how to work your hand signs on the streets; to come through to the Store to get the best out of Concept of clothing & lifestyle. Or the 1st Sunday of the month; to dance & sing along to angels of melodies. Might sound magical; it probably has been for a lot of people who have been to the promised!

Hand signs are & have been a way of communication amongst human & animals at large! If that person can’t hear you: throw a hand sign.... no matter the situation! A gesture or feelings can be expressed by using, just hand signs to show what we mean! So you can use your hands to travel from point A to B or Z (maybe if you really lucky). In other countries; they have just 1 sign to prove their street cred! Well, here we got lots of signs to get just about everywhere in the country & I think it was very creative of us to actually come up with such cool hand signs; fit for kings & queens of the streets!

so if you've never been here, this'll probably be what you'll be travelling in & couple of ways how to get you to us from different parts around the Soweto & Joburg city:


Squantaquanta aka Quantum. wich you will most likely to get on the streets of Jozi or kasi!

this means you going to Soweto from Joburg or you going to Joburg from Soweto! same sign morning & night. Mofolo; Dube, Diepkloof, Phiri, Mapetla, Zola, Emdeni!

this one will take you around Joburg & to another taxi rank there; where there's other taxis to more places you can ever imagine! if you in Soweto it will take you to Chris Hani Hospital(the biggest hospital in the southern hemisphere)& to its biggest taxi rank in the world!

this is local! it does not mean you are a local, but you're local: in & around Joburg City! in & around Soweto!

model: the finger of itjo!!!!

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