September 27, 2011

THESIS birthday tea party

THESIS was born on the 27 August 2005. It was born in the concrete streets( yes, they were not dusty) of Soweto. In almost the center of this magical place of Soweto, surrounded Phiri, Mapetla, Zola, Emdeni, Dube, White City & Dobsinville! We fell in love with it; got together & spread the love!

Instead of having another big ass party: we had a tea party & we shot it! Just a little something to remind us how we were when we young! The story is Alices in Sowetoland! It’s a love story & the rest is history.

It’s a mixture of our new spring/summer collection titled SWAT- Special Wear & Arts Team & other items in the THESIS apparel! It’s an appreciation of the artisans in our broad industry. A musician with a mic, a poet with words, graffiti artist with a spray can & an illustrator with pictures! Like the real SWAT (Special Weaponry & Arms Tactics): they have their own special weapons to combat creative situations!

And don’t we just love them!

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