February 7, 2012

Avant Garde: Vintage Lounge

The term Avant-Garde refers to any cutting edge movement led by a small group of people to open new doors within their realm of interest. The Avant-Garde (Vintage Lounge) movement seeks to identify and give platform to more sophisticated than regular dance music, on the scale of Broken Beats, NuJazz and Electronica/Lounge.

We decided to take a chill pill in January, and make sure we deliver quality Avant Garde guests in the next upcoming months.
We kick-start the year in style with two legendary guests:

GREG MALOKA (The Maestro): well known for his soulful signature sound, with releases such as the classic "What's Phat Pussycat 3", he's also a founding member of DJU who are responsible for the South African Music Conference. Greg spear-headed popular radio station YFM into a solid brand, then later appointed MD/Station Manager at Kaya FM. He's not only a musical maestro, but also a creative genie who has his hands on both Branding & Advertising, which simply explains why he's called "THE MAESTRO".

THE JEZREEL: Hails from Mamelodi, Pretoria, a true Avant Gardist with a super eclectic taste, will surely blow a lot of minds. He let's the music speak for itself.

DATE: Friday 10th Feb 2012
VENUE: Rockerfella, Soweto

Trev The Japanese
GREG MALOKA (The Maestro)


KsK said...

Oh yeah! Muhle staff! Thanks gents... Regards KsK

Prigo said...

Nice :)