March 5, 2012


We always have fun at the Thesis Social Jams, thank you all for being there since inception. Is Thesis a registered entity? Yes, Thesis Social jams is a close corporation, Thesis Clothing a close corporation & yes, so is Thesis cafĂ©. yesterday we were launch Thesis Lifestyle. Yes, it is a lifestyle. And maybe we must introduce Thesis disaster management. Maybe that team will help us rehearse on how to deal with the unforeseen. Every first Sunday of the month we host our event, The Social jams. They have been successful looking at the history & of course this success comes with a lot of learning in it. We hit snags at times, we unfortunately cannot control certain circumstances that includes (rain, national nutrition & other unforeseen natural disasters) We always plan to have fun & sometimes forget that things do occur, yesterday we opted more for SAFETY vs. FUN obviously SAFETY comes first, it would appear as though the law enforcement officers were sent by 1(ONE) community member who obviously does not share the same sentiments as you our loyal family as well as the founders. Yesterday we were all left numb, all that kept running in our minds was PEACE,PEACE,PEACE,LOVE & HAPPINESS. All we know is, at the jams everything is about the experience,music,life & people (no violence or bad behaviour, no irresponsible characters etc). So does the law have a reason against a lifestyle, to an extent where all must be halted? We all know the answer. Maybe its jealousy. No but we are positive people & we will keep on doing the right things or doing things right This year started off not so HIGH, you will recall that in January we had to stop due to rain, you continued to support us through to February which was successful ( thank you). We wish to have your valuable input for future events. How do we make it up to our loyal family? We have no idea, all we know is WE need you, we need your support. We cannot promise that this family will not go through rough times in future. It’s a happy family, we are one, that’s how we all learn & that ultimately makes us a strong unit/force. We looking forward to our APRIL offering, we will endeavour to upload a mix from one of our guest(DJ) on our FB page. We are Thesis, Next one will be bigger & better, we will forever be indebted to you. We owe you FUN, we owe you a lifestyle, we owe you Thesis(you are Thesis)

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