November 20, 2009

The Build up to the session is here...

THE BLUE FINALE: 6th December 2009

Unhappy: (ŭn-hăp'ē) - Not happy or joyful; sad or sorrowful

Synonyms: long-faced, down and out, miserable, depressed, saddened, blue, THE BLUES…

Yes, the Blues. Do you remember what that’s like? We at the Thesis Social Jam Sessions have forgotten. We’ve forgotten all about blue Mondays; baby blues; blue rooms and blue movies (well, hopefully). And instead, we remember a place. A place where we spread jam on musical sarmies to our heart’s content. Where music plays, people dance and strangers do what strangers do.

Sunday, the 6th is our finale, as we bid farewell to another great year of peanut butter and jam mixes. And true to our colours, we’ll have cold beer, slightly odd audience, a marquee, some blue couches and blue skies. You should come too. And because we believe blue is the colour of awesomeness, that’s exactly what we’ll be dishing up. Yes; it had to come; that’s the one!! The one that comes; after; yet; another year of great sessions. TSJS ain’t here to fool you, its here to give life times of music; friendships & memories of good times. . We perfectly happy to end our year with Kid Fonque; Omi; Khumza & Wireless G spinning me in the lounge; Dubstep; break-beat in House; Nu- jazzy kinda flavor. Right there; where we were is where we are now!!!!


Akin to our audience, our resident Dj Omi has established himself as the eclectic type. His sets range from Bassnova; Nu-jazz to funk; Soulful Hip-Hop & Break beats with an easy and unwinding skill. Take time and pin your ears back to the ‘Take a Breather’ and Feiyue Mixes he has concocted.

Wireless G:

Also a resident Dj, this guy just wants to get the party pumping. His distinctive style of blending lounge with hip - hop really sets him apart. When he gets his hands on the decks, you can be sure the party will always close with a bang.


Another one of our resident Djs, some will describe Khumza’s beats as matured as aged wine. From Dub, to Funk and Lounge house beats. Come mellow out with his laid back style and make yourself at home.

Kid Fonque:

He may be a guest Dj, but his regular visits make Kid Fonque one of the TSJS clan. His style is soulful; jazzy and uhm, quite unpredictable, might we add. Ranging from Break Beats to Nu-Jazz and Funk, he has undeniably influenced a Dj or two from our TSJS stable.

The Layders:

Two peas in our TSJS pie. The duo will surely keep you guessing with their freestyle kinda Jam. Milky is on the decks & Mothusi is a band on his own. Confused? Don’t be! For 2nd time: open your mind to this brilliant performance by this crew.

Future History:

Gracing us for the 2nd time, Future History is a band with a difference. With nine members, one can only expect a staggering performance. Their music is hip-hop played over rhythmic funk infused tunes with a jazz influence.

Thapelo aka Kingflat, Thabiso & Motheo

Ok, here’s a part that will certainly put a smile on your face, well… more like a chuckle. Journeying from Pretoria, these three guys will have you ROFL-ing and take away all your awful blues. Frankly, this is a long time coming after our last comedian Big Mo.

With such a line up, the colour of blue has never been more splendid. It’s the coolest colour - literally!!!

PS: eh, what strangers do is meet. And oh, we won’t be serving blueberry muffins!


Nkosana Lloyd said...

surely cant wait for that, Kid Fonque n the Layders.. it's gona be bananas!

Tamara said...
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