November 4, 2009

Jumble Rumble Round 7

News just in… Thesis will be involved at the Jumble Rumble round 7 taking place at the Nike Gallery on 4th this Saturday the 7thof November. What’s that?????

Jumble Rumble is the brainchild of Mome (Cream Cartel. Vuzu) and Mkay, who both work at the Gallery on 4th. This event is like a flea market that is specifically aimed at showcasing street brands in JHB. This helps in brand awareness (awe ala dushie style) and gives people a chance to interact with their brands. Thesis is glad that it’s a part of this… Hope to see you there. The is an after party (Mome’s Birthday party). So you can shake that ass after buying that class_ic t-shirt from you local brand.

More information on the flier.

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