January 21, 2010

Knock offs, copies, replicas and counterfeit goods.

You see, I am a fashion lover; hence I work with clothes and fashion. I’m intrigued by the process of making clothes; from designing, to cutting patterns right down to a finished garment and the final look. There is just one thing that tears my soul apart, it really does...seeing people wearing fake labels! Nothing is as worse; rather opt for Mr Price I promise you can get a quality outfit with just 200 bucks!!!! Rather than wasting your money on a fake product which will cost you more. Most popular or on the scene lately is Louise Vitton, Gucci...Don’t get me started on that Gucci shit! Diesel, Energy, Ed Hardy, Guess, Nike, G-Star, Channel, Ama Kip Kip and so on!
See the thing is, it not only tears my soul or rob the wearer of their conscience, the original designer does not profit. Buying fake products is BAD ok...! So lets not try to find a justifiable reason for buying fake products because I refuse to wear a copy of CHANNEL earrings, they are the most gorgeous little thing that’s in my heart lately!
Why they are bad:
• They rob the state of huge amounts of money because it is a tax-free business. So legitimate citizens like you get robbed when paying tax!!!
• They are unsafe! According to the IACC – International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition those fake Gucci, Prada or whatsoever brands people are rocking, can shatter easily. They also fail to provide UV protection.
Don’t be fooled, here is how to spot a knock off.....
• They are easily available on the street....DUH!!
• The old method- Cheap leather, flimsy finishing -the stitching -and misspelled logos, need I say more...Mike instead of Nike!!
• The internet is full of cyber sellers and online auctions which are inspired by.... That should let you know the product isn’t the real thang!
• The price, no it’s not a good deal you are being knocked off!
• Where its being sold... boot sales, sounds familiar?
• Point of origin, do not trust that Made in Taiwan tag heard they are not authentic hmm...
• The dealers overkill words like “authentic” and ”genuine” to describe their fashion items to you.
• This is quite obvious: QUALITY!!! Like these Sonia earphones will stand the test of time! (Not)
Here s a way to take sure it’s the real thing
• Only buy from an authorized dealer
• Labels use company owned sites like www.thesis.co.za
• Contact the designer if you are in doubt and ask if you are buying from an authorized dealer
Ain’t nothing like the real thang baby!!!!

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