January 21, 2010


Well yet another episode of the Mangstarr in your eye!! I was hanging with Siphumelele ( Wandile’s sister) watching yet another episode of Khumbula ekhaya on TV. It’s a show that helps people find missing family members, it’s a really funny show… intensely funny. Anyway, within that; to my amazement; Siphumelele spoke about Paul Ndlovu; the famous Tsonga musician who passed on in 1986. He was a very popular artist in his genre of music of disco. Pretty much about the same time as Brenda Fassie & Yvonne Chaka Chaka. He entered the scene with that sailor hat in 1985 & hit the charts with “Hi ta famba moyeni “ & “Tsakane”, massive hits in the 80’s. I was really young, about 4-5 years into my toddlers; still playing with bricks for busses; playing ali (not the boxer, but the game with marbles).

He was a star, almost like today’s stars & even better. He owned a private jet(apparently) & a few wives. Well, to my nostalgic moments; he had the whole country jamming for; well; 2 years & that’s it. Talk about a short road to fame & nothing….. I guess if that’s what fame has got for me, then I don’t want it…

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