January 22, 2010


The first time I even took a drag was when I was in high school. It didn’t make sense why I was doing it. I just became dizzy in a very peculiar way & it wasn’t nice at all. Smoking is a very bad habit for the fact that it was painful starting it; it’s like losing your virginity; to pollution & unhealthy lifestyle!! Its much more painful letting it go. You fight with so many demons: your conscious; your craving; your social status & your smoke buddies. You tell yourself you quitting from tomorrow; from today, from now or after this one!! When will the day of “stopping at once” come?? When our chests start wheezing or when you start getting tired after 3 flights of stairs..... All smokers should be ashamed of being bad role models to your own selves. I curse the day TV, magazines came to life. Be honest, these mediums play a big role in making us think smoking is so damn cool!!!!!!!

They say it’s not about you saying or trying to quit, but quit quitting!! Well I say nothing, because I still have a cigarette in my mouth! Hopefully this journey of letting go, wouldn’t be as hard as letting go of an old ex-girlfriend. Apparently the craving stops completely after 3 weeks. Damn, that’s like waiting to find out if your girlfriend is pregnant or not!! Hoping also the fruits of great health would’ve been harvested for me enjoy after I stop. Here is to stopping smoking & asking ourselves why we doing it in the first place.....

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Khumza said...

you know at they say, quiting is for losers!