September 8, 2010

J & B Start a partyyyy ticket give away!

Cape Town, 2 September 2010: On the 16th September J&B will be hosting the first ever Start A Party Awards in Jo’burg as the finale to a series of online challenges set by the brand. Promising to be everything a normal awards night is not (they’re usually pretty dull), J&B will be presenting its own take on what an awards show should be. DJs Culoe De Song and Kenzhero will be ripping it up on the night alongside some mystery guests in a transformed Turbine Hall.

In total, J&B issued seven challenges for people to take part in all of which involved the simple entry mechanic of uploading crazy photos on the web for the community there to comment and vote on.

Thousands of people submitted photos of themselves “photo-bombing”, “jump-shotting” and “shaky-facing” their way into instant internet fame. From these thousands, five finalists in each category have been chosen to attend the awards along with hundreds of party starters from the entrants.

To get your hands on tickets to the J&B Awards, register on, click the RSVP button and if you’re one of the lucky few, you’ll crack the nod to this exclusive even

Please note that the J&B Awards is exclusively for people over 18, no one under 18 will be granted access to the Awards.

Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly.

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