September 2, 2010

Skindeep- The DJ says...

This is a new feature on the blog that we hope will give you a background in terms of the sound of the particular DJ. The first DJ is Skindeep, who will be gracing the decks of TSJS for the 3rd time. We will never bring back a DJ that we think doesn't have a tight selection to make you move your booty. Enjoy these five (5) treats as selected by Skindeep.

1. Quantic Soul Orchestra ft. Alice Russell-Feelin' Good

2.Fertile Ground-Spirit World (Live)

3.Raul Midon ft. Stevie Wonder-Expressions Of Love

Monsieur Duboi-Something Nu

5.Sonar Kollektiv Orchestrar-Finding Royal Jelly

This selection is very sick... some nu-soul and two step beat with some beautiful voices... Come Sunday people will be falling over. Thank you to Skindeep!

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