September 9, 2010

J&B Q and A with DJ Kenzhero

If you don't know by now, then you running late on this. The J&B "start a party" awards are happening on the 16th at Turbine Hall. They have enlisted the DJ skills of Culoe De Song and DJ Kenzhero. In his short preparation for this gig, DJ Kenzhero managed to answer these questions and give us a link to his latest mixtape. Download here

Who is Kenzhero?

Kenzhero is a personality embodied by a dj from South Africa Joburg and he has been spining disc’s for the last Ten years.

What was your impression of the Thesis Social Jam Session?

Very Organized also different from the other sessions that happen in Soweto … worth seeing ….

Away from DJ’ing what else do you do?

Organize events of own and other commissioned events … I make music as in produce for artist. Ive done TV scores …I Run the Venue called OST with my business partner Osmic …etc
Are you into corporate events/social events?
My DJ Partner DJ Bob noticed I get edgy when ever we did corporate or weddings which may be true cause other gigs no matter how big other gig I do are I am never edgy or nervous but generally the corporate gigs turn to be the easiest. Some times they are demanding especially from the client point of view they, can be abusive at times especially if the brief never roll out the same as planned …

What’s the one song that people should expect at the J&B start a party awards?

Hmm ill leave that for the night as a surprise cause I never super plan for events I just feed of the crowd

What are your ingredients for starting a party?

Start slowly I never like coming after high energy dj’s I like to start the party and finish it off …

To get your hands on tickets to the J&B Awards, register on, click the RSVP button and if you’re one of the lucky few, you’ll crack the nod to this exclusive event.

Please note that the J&B Awards is exclusively for people over 18, no one under 18 will be granted access to the Awards.

Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly.

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