February 23, 2012

THESIS x 5 Roses Superbowl

Molofo cultural bowl situated in Mofolo, Soweto! Is remembered as far as the 1970’s. A great place to have existed in the hearts of all Sowetans. SA: you know about it. World: you know about it too. Named after legendary poet, writer & author: Thomas Mofolo. 5 roses got into the mix & gave the bowl a refreshing feeling. Hence now we all call it 5 Roses Superbowl. It was made for funerals, conferences, weddings & festivals. It had a little lake running behind it, giving it that warm feeling of a festival. And it was perfect for festivals. It had a little Centre & offices where youth & community development was exercised on a daily basis. The history is rich with local & abroad artists preforming to thousands of people. We’ll miss the original structure, art & culture has promised a come back. I bet its even going to be better than before.

THESIS did a tribute to 5 Roses superbowl. Its part of our heritage & it’s a landmark for Mofolo. Just like the Thesis Concept Store. Crossing our fingers for a modern, fresh & innovative structure to be built. Hope your eyes enjoy!

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