February 13, 2012

J Dilla month

Dilla was an American hip producer that was a beat icon. He was the master of a very saturated industry(well like any other one I guess). He emerged from the underground hip hop scene in Detriot, Michigan. Produced some of the best albums for Erikah badu, Slum Village, Dwele, Common, Janet Jackson, Ghostface Killer, Busta Rhymes & Tribe Called Quest to mention a few. He passed on in 2006 from a rare blood illness he was fighting for years. A true artist like Amy Winehouse, Micheal Jackson & moses molelekwa!

Stussy was hooking him up with some gear before he passed on. James Dewitt Yancey is his birth name & his music was his right of passage.Stussy honoured his memory by doing a range of Ts in his name in Feb 2010, marking the 4 years since he passed on. It was long overdue since he really dug the brand. Here are some of the styles they had. Well this year, last Friday would be 6 years since his passing & he'd be 38. Our resident DJ AirMaxOwe did a Dilla tribute, since his music has been one of TSJSs influences. It’s a very dope mix, so enjoy!

By AirMaxOwe:


Dilla forever!

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