February 27, 2010

I finally taught a certain youth to pick up a book & read! It worked, because after a hard 2 week struggle of opening one book & finish it than getting bored after two pages, he finally finished. I’m really proud, even if it was just a 64 page read (very small book indeed), he conquered his reading phobia.

I gave him a book called I’m light skinned, but don’t call me a kwerekwere( foreigner) by Farai Tandy. He’s a local poet & he has graced the TSJS twice already. Brilliant, young poet. I never thought that my love for poetry would be satisfied so much that I read it twice. There are a few favourites in there, but they are too many to mention. Its a great book & advise that you guys get it quick, its very satisfying, guaranteed... You can join his group; Fara-zie publishing on Facebook.

Get it at the THESIS CONCEPT STORE, my home & your home...

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