February 13, 2010


10 facts about the water that you drink:

1. Its good for you

2. Good after a hectic drinking night at the TSJS

3. You might be drinking water that’s been recycled from you bath water

4. Keeps your system clean

5. Great alternative from fizzy drinks, coffee & tea(although to make these you need water to mix)

6. The average on how many glasses to drink a day is total bull!!!! Drink as little/much as you want as long as it has passed through your system a day.

7. A reality that water is not clean/ healthy in other countries & cities; therefore it needs to be purified.

8. Water usually makes up 55% to 78% of the human body

9. It also constitutes approximately 70% of the earth surface( with all these rains & floods; who knows how much it has poured in our beautiful earth)

10. Water is essential for you and the earth

Whatever the reason maybe for drinking it, just make sure if you mix it with anything; you drink plain H2O.

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