February 27, 2010

Put your best foot forward

You know if you to claim that you smart: be smart. Don’t pretend like you like are. I’m not an avid shoe person, but I’m a sneaker monger. I have love of shoes; on the down low; but shoes need to be simple to attract my wondering fashionable eye. Specific small details on a shoe make it what it is. Here is what you can go for, if you want to score big time; anywhere & with any one.

Brands are not an issue, style is. Make sure the heel is not too thick & massive, because today’s trends don’t allow them anymore. Its not me; its minimalism at its best. If you think it only happens in houses & apartments; well you got another thing coming. It’s slim & close to the body. Well, I wish I could find awesome shoe brands in SA; because they’re hiding somewhere I can’t find them.

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