November 4, 2011

TSJS line hot line up Q&A

This duo is incredible! transcending boarders with their collective presentation! totally exhilarating with so much energy that makes want drown in it!!! here's what they had to say about themselves:

TSJS: where do you come from?

S&R: We are both from Soweto, Sai is from Mofolo and Mahlatse is from Molapo.

TSJS: when did you start playing?

S&R: Separately for more than a decade but as a collective since 2007

TSJS: how did you get that name?

S&R: Sai (original name Sandile; friend called him Sai and it stuck), Ribatone's altered from my surname Riba to create a musical identity...

TSJS: what do you love about Soweto?

S&R: Its been home a for us, taught us life altering lessons, practically gave us life forever,trendsetting nature,the ever lively energy of its people, the diversity and the bright future ahead!

TSJS: whats you favourite tune?

S&R: Our first single "Tonite" from our upcoming debut album "Here & Now".

TSJS: what kinda set are you preparing for this jam?

S&R: A futuristic, spontaneous and dynamic set. Expect the unexpected!

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