November 4, 2011

TSJS line hot line up Q&A

Comedy society represented by funny man: King Flat:

TSJS: where do you come from?

King Flat: Polokwane,

TSJS: when did you start playing?

KF: Late 2008

TSJS: how did you get that name?

KF: Its original Flat nose, because my nose is flat, but in drama school I played king character in a play. So after this: 2 girls started calling me king and eventually the name was combined in to king flat

TSJS: what do you love about Soweto?

KF:The people there appreciate the arts; at least that’s the impression I received.

TSJS: whats you favourite tune?

KF: mogwanthi by mojava

TSJS: what kinda set are you preparing for this jam?

KF: Things that will make people not only laugh but also think at the same time and thats what i call the deeper trust

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