November 4, 2011

TSJS line hot line up Q&A

i have been looking forward to this guys set for me the most anticipated! down to earth & classic looking kinda. ladies & gentleman: Dudltot

TSJS:where do you come from?

Dubltot: vosloorus..eastrand

TSJS: when did you start playing?

Dt: in 2008

TSJS:how did you get that name?

Dt: Comes from my nickname.. Toto

TSJS:what do you love about Soweto?

Dt:The culture & the Soweto flava

TSJS:whats you favourite tune?

Dt: Rjd2-ghost writer

TSJS:what kinda set are you preparing for this jam?

Dt: an eclectic set, a bit of everything with some classic tracks.

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