November 4, 2011

TSJS line hot line up Q&A

this is hot line up indeed! can't wait to hear everyone do their thing on the 6th, this Sunday!so i went on to probe my artists this with some nail biting questions( well; not really) 1st up its miz buttonz. she has been a favourite since i've met her 3 years ago. sweet sistren here & this is how she answered:

TSJS: where do you come from?

Miz Buttons:I grew up in Zondi 2, Soweto.

TSJS:when did you start playing?
Miz B:About 10 years ago at the Bassline in Melville

TSJS: how did you get that name?

Miz B:Besides pressing people's buttons lol, I collect buttons - nothing fancy!

TSJS: what do you love about Soweto?

Miz B:Hmmm, EVERYTHING! I figure it taught me to be tougher!

TSJS: whats you favourite tune?

Miz B:Don't have - I always figure I'm cheating on the other tunes.

TSJS:what kinda set are you preparing for this jam?

MizB:I hardly ever prepare! the source is in the gig's vibe - but definately a musical odyssey filled with vibrant tunes

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